Bone Grafting Essentials

In this webinar video, Dr. Robert Miller reviews the different bone grafts, elucidates the key issues and scientific points for bone graft selection, and discusses the different bone graft substitutes particularly as it pertains to the comparison of xenografts vs alloplasts, two major graft materials used worldwide. Dr. Miller also provides an excellent overview of the key benefits of Cerasorb M bTcp, the gold standard of synthetic grafts. Finally, the webinar touches upon other issues in grafting, such as the hydration of graft materials with PRF to create sticky bone. The key principles covered in the webinar are elucidated by reference to clinical cases.
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Discussion Preview for Bone Grafting Essentials

There are various bone grafting materials, and important principles used for selecting the right graft material for each particular case. What are those key concepts? Which graft material meets the criteria, and how can we improve the effectiveness of various graft materials?

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